Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow - now on DVD

Superb genre-busting action featuring Jude Law as Sky Captain and Gwyneth Paltrow as Polly Perkins, an inquisitive journalist. Angelina Jolie pops into the film late on as a stiff and rather plump upper-lipped British Air Force commander and former flame of Jude Law's character.

A combination of film-noir, black and white sci-fi like the Flash Gordon or Rocket Man cinema series and all-out actioner and romance, the film manages a great deal of style and invention, while keeping the plotline moving on quickly. It is like nothing you have ever seen and will delight fans of retro / futuristic flying machines and robots. Maybe there is even an influence from Japanese monster movies like Godzilla.

Great performances from Law and Jolie as they camp it up with forties-style British accents and from Paltrow as she plays the dame with a mission and only two photographs left. A good dose of humour keeps the fantastic world the director has created from becoming overwhelming as well as offering up some great film stereotypes, including mad German scientists and plucky backroom boys ready to save the day.

So many films have influenced this creation it is hard to keep track, but it could be described as a combination of the Wizard of Oz, Lost Horizon, War of the Worlds and the Maltese Falcon. This kind of electicism makes for a great and surprising movie and a visual feast.



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