Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Magic Numbers, Shepherd's Bush Empire

The Magic Number's brought their bittersweet songs to a wider audience with their recent gigs at the Shpeherd's Bush Empire in London. After excellent support from the Webb Brothers, the band entertained a rapt crowd with the songs from their chart-topping album. In contrast to the smaller gig I saw earlier in the year, it felt less intimate, but it was good to share the feelgood sound with so many fans. Every song was greeted enthusiastically and the same friendly atmosphere was maintained with the band again genuinely pleased and almost slightly surprised to be playing their music to so many people. Fantastic versions of 'Love me Like You' and 'I See You, You See Me' were tempered with the melodic and affecting 'Wheel on Fire' and some more unfamiliar songs from B sides and earlier incarnations of the band.

I can't recommend this band enough. They combine upbeat, melodic songs with dark lyrics about desire and disappointment to produce the must-have British album of the year so far.


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